Documents to be provided for the ESTA application

These documents must be sent once the form is completed, to the address, specifying the tracking number of my procedure, which is included in the confirmation email. The documents must be legible only, in order to be able to compare them with your manually entered data. Minors must provide the same documents as adults.

People and travel

  • the dates of stay
  • the reason for the stay
  • the method of entry into the country
  • the traveler's passport
  • the traveler's social networks

Necessary contacts

  • a declarant, who is not necessarily a traveler
    but who is responsible for filling out the application form
  • an emergency contact in the travelers' home country,
    to be notified in case of problems
  • for a non-transit stay, a contact in the USA (name, address, telephone).
    This can be a person or an entity: company, hotel etc.

Traveller's passport

A scan of the identity page of the valid passport used by each traveller. This is the page with the date of birth, passport number, signature etc.

The photocopy can be in color or in black & white. It is enough that it is readable to compare the information.

The passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of departure from the USA. A passport expiring before these 6 months may be accepted, but the authorized length of stay may be adjusted by the immigration officer to match the passport's expiration date.
The passport cannot be an emergency green passport, or a diplomatic or service passport. Foreign residence cards are not recognized in the USA.
We use your passport photocopy to obtain your ESTA only. Our privacy policy is extremely strict.